Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning the Candle

So as if managing a husband, seven children, and a dog wasn’t enough…my dryer stopped working last week. My daughter came home from school the other day and asked me if I was redecorating the house in blue jeans. Um…yes. Then we got one day of sunshine to hang clothes outside…and today? Well, we’re back to using the banisters inside.

Why is this pertinent to writing? I’m having a hard time focusing. I can’t concentrate when things are messy. Period. I like being organized. I’m not anal about it mind you. My sink has plenty of dishes in it, as does the dishwasher, and the dirty laundry equals the clean I manage to wash and dry everyday.

Now with November looming ever nearer I find myself growing a little anxious; trying to get out my query letters, keeping up with the house, and preparing my schedule to participate in Nanowrimo again–a fun-filled adventure I’ve taken on for three years now. This will be my fourth, and I’m forever grateful to my younger sister who first introduced me to the craziness. It worked a miracle in removing some insecurities with regard to writing and helped me realize what I had in me. Thanks Sis!

Now I use it as a jumping off point for a first draft. A lengthy outline if you will. I took one of those books and have worked ardously for the last two years making it into what it is now…and would love to see published. I love my book, the story, the characters in them. It has a special place in my heart…literally. It’s the place that ties my husband’s family to mine. Our heritage. A magical place that exists in real life but that few people know is there. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

So on top of my trying to seriously get published I will participate again this year, because there’s something explosive that happens in my writing when I have a deadline. Just like my house. Amazing things get done in our home when we’re under the gun, and the only explanation I have is motivation and teamwork. Our family has been known to get done in 15 minutes what would take me all day, and in November they all rally together to help in the production of another one of their Mom’s stories (and petition for a character to be named after them).

Of course, I’m proud to say their supportive is not limited to Nanowrimo and doing chores.

This last summer I recently completed my Associates Degree at our local college and after twenty years of marriage, seven children and putting my husband through his own PhD program I feel pretty wonderful about what I’ve accomplished. Add to that five books, the first of which I am trying to find an agent for, and let’s just say I feel pretty blessed.

My biggest accomplishment by far though has been my AWESOME family. They’re the best! Hands down! Wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Would still like to find an agent though.