Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eight Questions

So, yeah...I’ve been tagged in a game that goes like this, I answer a series of questions with entertaining comments. Then I tag others who do the same on their blogs. Warning: these answers will probably tell you more than you wanted to know about me. Or everything you did in which case I can't be held personally responsible for. You've been warned.
Still reading? Okay then. Enjoy. :)
1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?

The need for no sleep. Maybe then I could stay caught up on everything.

2. Who is your style icon?

The 80's. My husband and kids are still trying to find a cure.

3. What is your favorite quote?
"Whatever you are, be a good one."

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

" treat your children like you would an adult. Like...with respect."

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now?

I have a 64 gig ipod that's almost full....but the playlist I left off on was Contemporary English: Magical Realism lectures. (Bruno Mars helps keep me sane in between lectures though)

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I'm a writer AND a mom. So I'm a morning, daytime and night time person. But mornings are definitely my most creative times to write.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Uh....if I need to actually answer this one, then you're not viewing these answers on my blog. :)

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name

I was always a sucker for a dare and....yeah I haven't changed much. Although I tend to be a little smarter about which ones I accept these days. :)

I tag Tamara, Roni Griffin, and A. Grey. Looking forward to the juicy gossip...I mean hearing more about these great writers!

Have to versus Want to

I have three literature classes this fall. On top of beginning spanish and my creative writing course. So after the first week of school when one of my teachers went on medical leave I had mixed feelings. One less course meant a little less stress, but it also meant taking the course during another semester.

Fortunately they found a quick replacement for her to continue the class. Unfortunately with the new teacher came a new syllabus. And a new set of books.

I was just beginning to like the old (week old that is) ones, having already begun working my way through them. Not my normal reading either mind you, (which of course is the beauty of taking such classes...teaching you to appreciate books you wouldn't normally pick up) and alas I found myself in a bit of a quandry.

Return all my books we weren't using or keep them and continue reading the one I was currently on and enjoying. It didn't help knowing that my husband used to read such books like Don Quixote and Count of Monte Cristo for FUN growing up. As well, he was a science nerd (his words not mine--and by the way...they make a lot of money when they grow up), so not the usual past time one would expect. But he and I were made from a similar mold there. We developed a love for reading early.

So I had a choice. Keep the book I was enjoying, or return it and borrow a different copy from the library or used book store just to see how it ends (keep in mind some of these books are rather expensive in the first place). I chose to return it. Because of course I had a whole new list of books to purchase.

Of course I did this after I did a mad fast read through it to the end so I could get a sense of closure for the character I was so worried about. I miss not being able to take my time though.

What about you? Would you or have you continue(d) to read a book the teacher assigned and then didn't require you to finish? What kind of book was it? Was it worth it?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cookies and Writing

Are you ready for a mouth watering post? I am, and I've only written about ten words so far. Just thinking about cookies will do that to a person though.

So I've been thinking a lot about writing lately. (When am I not.) The components, voice and construction of taking a tantalizing thought and turning it into something I can hold in my hands; almost taste, it's so sweet and satisfying. Just like cookies.

So here's my recipe for writing...I mean making cookies...I mean...well, okay here we go. (And yes, the picture is of a real batch of cookies made in this very house. D2 made them. I taught her how. Just like I'm doing with her very own book.)

  • This is the beginning. I want a cookie. I want it bad. Bad enough to make it myself because the store is too far away and mine will taste better than someone else's anyway. Or at least different. And different is good.

So what kind will I make? aka Genre

  • There is a vast variety to choose from, with some people choosing to enjoy only one type to exclusion of all others. Others find themselves sampling a vast variety, sometimes one on top of the other. :o) What I choose to write is going to appeal to some, but maybe not all. Maybe nobody but myself. And that's okay, too.

Ingredients vs Components

  • The ingredients for a cookie differ as widely as the content of one's novel, but there's a few basics you need to have for each one. Beginning. Middle. End. Flour. Eggs. Salt. Or is it chocolate, oatmeal and butter? Anyway, for fantasy you need something uh...fantastical. A Myth, a beast or two, or something other worldly that makes you rethink the realm you currently live in. And then makes you want to hide. Or embrace it. Or whatever. Romance? That's chocolate all the way baby. If it's got lots of chocolate it's a romance. If it's a new type of cookie it might take people a while to delve in. But when they do and enjoy it? They'll rave endlessly and you'll have more people wanting a sample than you know what to do with!

Construction versus Style

  • My mom made cookies by hand. I use a mixer. Our cookies each came out a little different, yet people still enjoyed them equally as well. If you asked two people to write about the exact same topic and even gave them a recipe (plot, characters, timeline), their cookies would not come out the same. That's called style. Each person has their own, and it changes the dynamics of a story big time! Some like the cake-like texture of my mom's version. Others love the creamier, softer stuff made by my electric mixer. I've even noticed that they TASTE different when they're done. Weird. But true. Sometimes style makes all the difference in the world.

  • My chocolate chip cookies bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes (on the nose). The sugar cookies bake at 400 for 8 minutes. The drop cookies don't even require an oven! Of course if my husband is baking the cookies he might leave them in a little longer depending on how how crispy he wants them to be (as in, "I want some dunking cookies tonight.") Talk about too many hands in the cookie pot. But alas, this too is like writing and is not all bad. Agents, editors and publishers will also want a say in the book's final product, so of course the time it's going to take a lot of work and patience to get a book from start to finish.

Finished product

Worth it. Enough said

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess my Poem

I haven’t written poetry since high school. Don’t know why. Because as I find myself studying it for a class I can’t help but find myself enjoying it once again. Like today.
The object was to take an abstract word and write about it…without giving away the title. I even tried free verse (not my normal style), but alas my heart wanted rhythm and rhyme. So how did I do? Can anyone guess what I wrote about? It’s okay if you don’t…especially if the poem makes you think of something else in your life and gain an appreciation for it.
So without further ado I offer you up my latest assignment:
[??????] by Karen Adair
The floor meets my knees with my hands folded tight, praising God for the day and to have survived through the night.
Warm bodies asleep, and a soft hum in the air, I lift my eyes towards heaven and know that she’s there.
The washer is broke, but it can be fixed. And the dryer still works—a measure of bliss. The children are fighting, but at least they are mine, their voices so sweet the rest of the time.
Cards and flowers, friends so dear; all but one and that’s why they’re here. Music and singing—a peaceful recount—of childhood memories all tuckered out.
They lowered the casket with my mom’s body inside, but I still have my Dad who will stay by my side.
So on bended knee I sing praises above, for her life and mine and the trials of love.
Life, family, faith and time. Time with my mother. Moments divine. Time to grow up and time to live. Time to die and rest from my sins.
I rise for the day and praise God for the night; that without I knew I could not see the light.


  • Valerie Ipson says:
    Gratitude. Tender Mercies. Hope. Any of those?
    • Karen Adair says:
      HURRAH!!! Valerie guessed it. It was your first one Valerie. I was reflecting on gratitude and noticed how often we express it for all our blessings, but then how those blessings are sometimes disguised as trials. As well, that I should express gratitude at the little things the Lord has blessed me with, instead of always dwelling on what I don’t have. A lot of this realization came of course with the death of my mom, so this was a rather difficult word to tackle. :) It was interesting though that Shelli first thought of consolation, because when we have difficult trials, sometimes all we can do is feel a small measure of peace…which inevitably grows to gratitude with love and maturity. :) Thanks for reading it everyone!!!
  • How about “On Bended Knee” or “Love Testimony?”
  • Valerie Ipson says:
    A little light bulb went off when you said in your comment that many of our blessings are disguised as trials. It always bugged me a bit when people would express thanks for their trials, that just seemed to go against the grain for me. But the reality is, like you said, trials bring forth blessings and we are so grateful for them. Thanks for sharing your poem!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yeah, that's me. Obsessed. Well at least when it comes to a certain dog. Snoopy to be exact. So I thought I might take a moment to explain my obsession. At least for those who might be wondering why on earth it's all over my site. All over my twitter. In my house for that matter.

It started with my glass snoopy "bank" which I spent my youth filling with money (and then emptying). Currently it's filled with pennies and sits prominently on my end table. Don't know why I have it filled with pennies. That's just where pennies go. And everyone in my house knows it. Maybe it's because it makes my clear glass snoopy look brown. Seems about right considering the real life version I own(tri-color).

So yeah, I love Snoopy. Especially the high flying "ACE" who is constantly after the Red Baron. That dog just never gives up. I love it!

You know what's even better? How they're just the cutest dogs on the face of the planet. Okay, granted there are lots of cute dogs out there, but for me? It's a beagle. Something about those eyes and ears just speaks "LOVE ME!"

So a few years back when we decided to get a dog, what did I name my beagle? Nope. Not snoopy. Why? Well for one, our dog is a girl. And two, I always loved the name Megan. Don't ask me why I never named one of our girls Megan. I guess it just didn't fit.

Until now. Actually her pedigree name is much longer, but I won't bore you with that. :)

Needless to say, I love my dog. Look at that face? Can you blame me?

So what about you? What are you obsessed with?