Friday, August 3, 2012

Hamming it up

So it has been a busy couple of weeks in our home. My children were in a musical production, I made more desserts than my children could eat (I know, I know, where are their priorities?), and I certified as a ham radio operator.

It wasn't something I always wanted to do, like my husband. Yes, I knew how cool they were (thank you, Frequency) but I've had a lot on my plate. It wasn't the next thing on my to-do list. I did it to support my husband. To help HIM study. And sure, I like trying new things. It's great for authors who are always searching for ideas and ways to fill in plot holes.

Little did I know that studying would take a month of my time. Every day. Every time my husband walked through the door. During date nights. I almost didn't take the test. I mean, aside of all the time it was taking there was MATH involved. *groan* You mean that one can't just jump on the microphone and start talking? No. Apparently there are rules, lingo, and...opportunity.

I did it for the opportunity. So that my husband and I could share a new hobby together and maybe talk to each other if all other communication systems went out. What? It could happen. All these dystopians I've been reading? One of them is sure to happen someday. They're all too plausible! :) But I also gained something from the experience that I wasn't expecting.


I gained reassurance that I can still do hard things. That I can learn yet another new foreign language in a short period of time and actually convince someone to give me a license to talk over the airwaves. Seriously, people. It's a cool feeling. And yeah, I might be fantasizing about saving the world someday because I know how to use one.

So what sort of things have you done for research? For fun? For the love of another?