Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's NanoWriMo time!

See you later guys!

"Hey, wait. Where are you going?"

It's November. Duh. Where do you think I'm going? Hint: check the sidebar.

"Seriously? You're doing NanoWriMo again?

Don't you ever get tired of writing? You've been doing this for what, five years now?"

Six. And no, I'm not tired of it. I would have done it last year but I was in school. And writing my thesis. I'd have much rather been nano-ing. Why don't you join me this year? I've got a bunch of other friends I'm buddies with online as well. We're going to cheer each other on.

"Cheering. For...writing.  Uh, huh.  Go ahead, Karen. I'll see you in a month."

*shrugs* Your loss.

I'll actually be around quite a bit this month: checking in online, on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even updating my blog once in a while. Maybe once. It'll take a while. :) And don't expect to hear what I'm writing about.

Oh, you may catch strange glimpses here and there, or get thrown a weird question or two, but I'm kind of greedy when it comes to my projects. Not even my husband knows about this story. Only my 16 year old daughter. And only because she's going to be helping me.  A lot. Because if there's one thing she writes well, it's fantasy.  Me? Not so much.  I write contemporary YA.  But I had a fantastic idea for a fantasy and she promised to help me keep it...not so real.  I have a hard time pushing my imagination that far.  I know. I know.  I write fiction.  But fantasies require even more suspension of reality. I need help. There. I said it.

So who's with me?  I'm already excited about the "buddies" I have with me online.  If you've never heard of NanoWriMo and love to write, then here's your chance.  The rules?

  • New idea
  • November 1-30
  • 50,000 words
  • That's it. Well, not it. That's quite a lot of words to type in one month.  Good thing I'm a pretty fast typist.  And have a teenage daughter. :)
So what are you waiting for!!!!  Let's NANO!