Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have nine children. Seven that I juggle on a day to day basis. :) I love them all. So much.

And yes, seven takes work to keep up with AND do it well.  There's never enough time for each one. Each day. We do our best, but sometimes a child needs more. So we run errands together, talk by bedsides, do dishes, and make cookies together. 

But inevitably there's a lot of noise to compete with. Nay, lovely excitement. :) I don't consider the love here noise. Not really. But it does make it hard for the ones with trials to get some of the talk time they need. And even when they do, they seem to forget all those happy thoughts when they are caught in another hard spot and I'm not there.

So they have journals. Like this one.

10 year old's brand new journal
And we write back and forth to each other. They tell me everything they want me to know, and then I write back all the words of comfort I can. They reread it. They treasure it. Or so I'm told. :) Through the journal writing they have my undivided attention, and through our correspondence we console one another. Mostly the consoling comes from me. :) 

Kids are faced with so many trials, ones I've already been through and thus can help lend support. They make me glad I had those trials of my own, so I have SOME knowledge to help lift them up. Or just tell them they are loved and not alone. Worth my time.  TOTALLY worth my time. Always.

How do you help support your children? What challenges do you face in the world today?