Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EA Sharing

EA Sharing?
The EA of "EA Sharing" :)

What ARE you talking about, Karen?

It's my daughter's initials. The one who enjoys taking pictures. The beautiful eye behind the camera lens. Well, most of the time. She and I share the same love of photography, and we wanted to find some way to share it with others.

As a writer I've heard from many frustrated bloggers who want to post a picture on their blog but fear the repercussions. It's this crazy thing called copyright. ;) We totally get it as writers though, so what's a person to do?

There are a few individuals I've found who have asked the same question and combined their efforts to address the issue.
  • Kristen Lamb: blogger, writer, and person extraordinaire. She blogged here about the copyright issue and how we could help one another. Like with WANACommons. :)
 And here's one more. EA Sharing! :)

Each of our pictures is watermarked with our EA Sharing logo so that you know you're free to share it when you come across it. All we ask is a couple of things. Okay, maybe three or four. :)
  • Attribution. Because you're going to get enough credit on your cool blog for what you're writing about.  :)
  • Don't remove the watermark. We want subsequent viewers to see the logo and know they're safe to use it as well.
  • Don't alter the picture and make it your own. Except for maybe adding a cool quote or something. You'll send us a copy, right? :)
The slideshow will continue to update as more pictures are added, and you have only to click on them to link through to Flickr. 

Enjoy!!!  And happy sharing!  I mean, happy EA Sharing. :)