Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review: Sleight of Hand--by Deanne Blackhurst

Daniel Cabrerro has seen his last con. Or so he thinks.
When Daniel is forced to face the consequences for his life’s poor choices, he wants nothing more than to die. Again. Because anything is better than facing all the pain and feeling the guilt for the mistakes he has made. And no wonder for all the things he has done. All the people’s he’s hurt. But face them he must if he wants to find rest. That is, unless he can find a way to con heaven itself.
I loved the message of redemption and love, and how even in death people still have a choice. Of course it was equally painful reading about Daniel’s mistakes and wondering how I might fair in his same shoes. With my own mistakes, of course, but still… How do our decisions truly affect others? How could one make amends, despite the fact that they’re dead? Can they?
Deanne answers these questions and more in this beautifully crafted tale that kept me reading until late in the night. The characters were beautifully written and well fleshed out, though Daniel used far too many clich├ęs, in my opinion. I loved Jonah, Daniel’s guide in the afterlife, and the struggle he faced in helping Daniel move on. Having two people with something at stake kept the story well balanced and free from too heavy a hand. The pacing was perfect, with an equal measure of reflection and action. Watching Daniel atone for his mistakes sent a powerful message, and the horror he felt as they were brought back to his remembrance.
I can easily recommend this book for its beautiful message and delightful twists and look forward to reading more from Deanne in the future.
You can purchase your own copy of Sleight of Hand by visiting here, and until August 31st you can download it for only $1.99 and begin reading it right away. Happy reading!

Deanne is the author of Turning Hearts and Sleight of Hand. You can learn more about Deanne at her website here and keep updated on her available works. She also blogs regularly at The Book of Dreams that “features short, humorous excerpts into the life of a writer/mom.”