Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Ten

Top Five things I WON’T miss when school begins:
  1. The deluge of cups and food all over the kitchen counters.
  2. Tripping over endless toys throughout the day.
  3. Excessive noise which prevents me from reading and writing effectively.
  4. Endless video games which adds to the excessive noise.
  5. Late night movies which yeah…adds to the excessive noise.
Top Five things I WILL miss when school begins:
  1. Having everyone make their own food–even though it destroys the kitchen.
  2. Watching my children play with each other and all the “new” toys they find buried within the toy closet.
  3. All the noise that keeps me company during the day and reminds me of why I’m a mom.
  4. Playing video games with my kids, and watching their smug faces when they beat me–fair and square.
  5. The freedom of getting up when I want to after staying up with the kids all night to watch a late night movie.
*sigh* Six more days until all our roles change, and my kids are a little less like kids and a little more like tiny adults. And me right along with them. My kids are already rooting me on, so maybe we can all find a way to keep each other sane for the next 180+ days. Wish us luck!

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Shelli says:
I’ve got the same kind of ambivalent feelings going on. I’m excited for the kids to be out for the summer…and then I’m excited to have them go back in the fall. Let’s just say that I might be ready for a little me time!
Good luck with the new school year, for all of you!

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