Sunday, January 9, 2011

Million dollar idea

No. I don't actually HAVE an idea that will make you a million dollars. Well, aside of recreating the wheel, inventing specialty ice cream, i-something, or writing the book of all books. :)  (Which is MY plan.)

The million dollar idea was what happened around our dinner table tonight, in which each person at our table took turns telling the others what they'd do with a million dollars. And then couldn't help but make suggestions about what others should buy.

Hilarious. Seriously.  I haven't laughed so hard in well...since the last dinnertime discussion.  I really love my family.  Especially when the conversation digresses to the point that one teenager threatens to go "shopping for dinner" on another's ranch (which by this point has been placed next to his mansion) and shoot her livestock if it keeps him up all night. O.o

5 yr old wanted Dad to buy a yellow car for himself, while she would buy everything that was slapped with a Barbie label, looked like a Barbie, or in any way was related to the doll she's currently obsessed with.  The yellow car got vetoed in favor of a Bugatti.   :)

Other ideas were: Visit Japan, buy a lifetime supply of Pocky, pay off the house, pay for college, buy some sheep, buy a house and a kitty (and stuff for the kitty), a mansion (came from multiple children)...

So I guess all I need to do is sell the awesomely wonderful, perfectly touching, radical beast of a book I've written, so I can buy.... :)

How about you tell me what you would buy if you got a million dollars?

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  1. Wow, that's money I can only dream about. I'd like to say charities are high on the list and college funds are next. The house being paid off isn't a bad idea either! =)


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