Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: StarScout Rising: First Trail by Gary Darby

About the book: From the last frontier, Space. A must-have, out of this world adventure! Star Scout Rising, First Trail by Gary Darby is a thoughtful, awe-inspiring, and spine-tingling Sci-Fi mystery that follows a young man named Del Baldura during his quest for knowledge, truth, and discovery in the distant future of human and alien kind. This story has it all superb background, surprises, mystery, love, futuristic technological possibilities, bizarre life forms, and a hero trying to make sense of his duty and loyalty, his current leadership responsibilities, and his search for truth about part of his and his family’s history.

Young Del Baldura is a Junior Scout in the Confederation training program, and with “scouts” of my own the idea behind this book immediately grabbed my interest. As I read, I was intrigued by its clever blending of nature, sci-fi and touch of romance. Plus I love heroes who have a worthy goal. Del’s determination to become a Star Scout makes him a compelling character as he deals with gruesome creatures along with some very dangerous secrets. His abilities were both realistic and heroic, offering an endearing character for the reader to invest their emotions in.

Del’s exchanges with other would-be scouters are often quite hilarious, although the general narration made for a somewhat difficult read. Del’s futuristic world includes a vast amount of new vocabulary and military jargon, equal to the hidden agendas and exciting, but dangerous adventures. Volume One succeeded in posing and answering a plethora of questions, while leaving plenty more for the next installment.

You can pick up a copy of the book here, or download to your kindle here. And to learn more about Gary Darby and his upcoming books, check out his wonderful blog here.
Happy Reading!

*I received a free copy for my review but in no way did it influence my opinion.

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Gary Darby says:

Karen, many thanks for taking time to read and review my first novel. I am learning so much on how to be a better writer/author from insightful comments such as yours – especially as I put the finishing touches to volume two of the series. Again, many thanks and best wishes -

Gary Darby

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