Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fight--Just say No

Not to drugs. Not to whiny children, although both are things that are important to do. But today is about my own struggle with weight and my inner voice who has given up. Given up whispering that is.
Today it is screaming at me.
“Just. Say. No.”
No to hot chocolate (and not just because it’s a stinkin’ 100 degrees outside).
No to food after 7 (even though I sleep so much better after a mightnight snack–actually I don’t. I just think I do.)
No to sitting on my butt for hours on end instead of hitting the treadmill for a mere 20 minutes a day.
Why? Because my legs hurt. My clothes don’t fit. And I write better when I feel better, so….
listen to me whisper, “JUST SAY NO!”
Yeah…my inner voice has taken over. Thank goodness.

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