Thursday, September 6, 2012

iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

Ooooo, did that get your attention? Good, because it's true.

If you go to his website before Saturday, you can enter to win an iTunes Gift Card my wonderful friend Braden Bell is giving away in celebration of his book, The Kindling.

Entering is simple. See, I'm doing it right now by letting you know. :) And aren't I nice, because you know I'm lessening my chances by letting you know so you can enter as well. :)

Even Amazon is excited about his book because they're offering a download for only .99 cents till Monday. No, I didn't get the decimal in the wrong place.  Nine dimes and nine pennies. That's a steal, folks.  I finished this book not three days ago and my 12 year old said, "NOW can I read it?"

Yup. You can read it. I just downloaded the e-book. :)

So on top of a great book, Braden's offering a way to get some music (or whatever floats your boat) to help put another bounce in your step.


So, GO! ENTER! NOW!  Here!

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