Monday, June 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Who said nothing good comes from middle school, huh? I guess I was just one of the few people who didn’t actually hate middle school with a passion and I’ll bet it had a lot to do with the experiences I gained there. I not only learned how to stick up for myself (thanks to the practice I got with so many brothers) but the typing class that revealed some hidden talent I didn’t know I had.

I managed 55 words per minute on the manual typewriters we had, then around 85 on the electric ones in high school, and finally 120 words per minute on the spiffy new computers we have today. I have my typing skills to thank for all the jobs I’ve had and for helping me put my husband through school while raising a family. I’ve also used my skill for fun though and have written countless poems, stories and books over the years.

I hope to get one day get my current series published, but in the meantime I keep my creativity flowing by making crocheted items for things like summer-time contests. Father’s Day was “my” day and it is my honor to announce Becky Drew of Arizona as the winner of my most recent creation! I hope you enjoy using the book tote as much as I enjoyed making it Becky!

My girls and I started Diva Strings a few years back in order to earn the money necessary to help pay for a harp; and while we now have the harp we’re still addicted to designing and making purses, totes, and the like. I mean, hey, people still need cute ways to carry all those beautiful books around with them, right?

And who knows, maybe some day my book will be one of those filling my totes that people are carrying around? Wouldn’t that be doubly fun?
Oh, yeah….

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