Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sonnets--Not just for Shakespeare anymore

So I decided to write a Sonnet this week. Well, it was for an assignment, and one that I took on with very little enthusiasm. That is, until I found my muse.

I don't know who Shakespeare was writing to, because without a muse there is no way he could have written such beautiful poetry and expressed such impassioned sentiments. If he didn't write them for someone specific then I can't wait to take a class on him in the Spring and find out how he did it. Really.

Meanwhile I found my muse. Guess who it is? husband.

After 20 years of marriage I'm even more in love with the guy, so it was no problem to write one if he was my intended audience.  That being said, I think EVERYONE deserves to have a sonnet written about them. Or at least recited to them. You'd be surprised at the results.

For example, about a year ago my husband came home from work and took me by the hand, reciting the most beautiful sonnet I think Shakespeare ever wrote. And that's not just because it's our favorite. It was the fact that my husband had memorized it that day, wanting to have something to share with me when he got home from work. Something that told me he was thinking about me and wanted to do something to express his love.

This is coming from someone who has done numerous things over the years, including filling our entire house with flowers so that no matter what room I went into...there were flowers. My kids still talk about that day.

But alas, the other night I was sitting in our room and pondering over my assignment, wondering how on earth I would compose something just as beautiful. I shared my concern with my husband who was stretched out on the bed reading a book and listened to him chuckle at my dilemma. "It doesn't have to be Shakespeare, hon. In fact, why don't you make it funny?"

"No way. Sonnets are not supposed to be funny."

"Then write one for me."

I looked at his long legs and crooked smile, and instantly began composing. Oh my goodness. After 20 years I discovered that I can still make my husband blush and have begun to wonder if I've picked the wrong genre to dabble in. :) I turned in my sonnet with the hope that my professor has a strong constitution.

So what about you? Ever written a sonnet? Would you like to? If not, do you at least have a favorite?


  1. I love a real love story. I can't believe more people haven't figured it out. Happy isn't that hard when you love each other.

    I'm with Debra, I'd love to see the sonnet!

  2. My brother wrote a humorous sonnet once. It had some lines in it about how much my grandma loved his curly hair as a child, and how she would always bemoan him not being a girl.

    He's bald now.

    That was the ending.

    Glad you found your muse. ;) And glad you are still finding ways to enjoy each other.



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