Monday, February 22, 2010

Flowers, Word Count and Playlists

I'm in the process of editing. A difficult task to be sure. Even harder given all the advice there is in regards to how to best go about this. All I can do is trust my knowledge and instinct and hope I’ve covered all the bases.

One of the biggest concerns I’ve noticed that stems from my early writing days is the poetic heart that lies within and likes to use flowery language. I’d like to think I’m pretty well read, and have appreciated various styles including, but not limited to Jane Austen, Robert Jordan, and Obert Skye. All of which have amazingly different styles and whose descriptions are so varied as to wonder how on earth I can appreciate all of them equally.

But I do. And I enjoy the flowery language. The detail. To a point. But that’s the beauty of owning so many books I guess, and picking one that fits my current mood.

How does that help me as a writer though? How much flower do I include? How many cakes can I make with the words I cut. Combine that question with my current word count and there’s a possibility that I could feed an army.

I printed off my book today so that I could read it in its intended form. And without my playlist. So much of what I write comes from what I feel and influenced by the music I listen to. As I read and write I listen to music that drives my mood and changes the feeling and tone of the story completely. With the wrong type of music I could really mess with the plot if I was in a certain mind to.

So down with the playlist. Down with my word count button. And down with the flowery language that I find myself stumbling over as I read my printed word. This has the makings of a beautiful manuscript!
Have a Great Day!


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  • Joan Sowards says:
    Don't cut the flowery, just compromise it.
    Though I'm a musician, listening to music while I write makes me nervous. I like silence and the sounds of family life around me.
    Each writer is different.
    Good thoughts and a great blog!

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