Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Review: RetirementQuest: Make Better Decisions by John Hauserman, CFP

Finances are a part of my everyday life as my husband and I raise a large family with growing needs. Balancing current needs with those of the future can be a tricky balance on the best of days. Many of us who wish to retire will be ill prepared when the day arrives. After weddings,college, and music lessons, how much will be left for us to enjoy?

In RetirementQuest: Make Better Decisions, John Hauserman takes more than 20 years of experience as a financial planner to explain some key components that will help future retirees, like me, to prepare.

  • Where are you getting your financial advice?
  • How do you know your interests are being safeguarded?
  • How do you know that your advisers are competent?
  • How can you know they’re putting your interests first?

The 124 page guide details the various questions, options, and pitfalls retirees will face and the knowledge they will need in order to retire comfortably.

Reviewing RetirementQuest was an eye-opening experience for me, as it painted a much broader picture of the struggling economy outside my own home. From personal savings to the complex world of investments and social security, Hauserman explains in detail how each one works.

Bold-faced statements pose key thoughts that the reader/investor should consider carefully, accompanied by detailed charts illustrating the more complex topics. Topics such as the impact of “safe” versus “risky” investments and the ramifications of leaning too heavily to either side.

Given the serious nature of finances and the usual accompanying stress, I loved the sprinkling of humor he uses throughout and the powerful anecdotes he shares in the later chapters. The car wreck posed an apt analogy of both the fluctuating economy today and our own financial habits if not watched carefully. The personal responsibility mentality of the 1940’s also sheds an interesting light on our current day.

While some of the jargon was beyond my current understanding I found the Adjustments section to be perfectly clear. It spoke towards my future goals, that of my children, and what changes I should make in my spending now to secure my future.

In essence, there is no crystal ball to see what the future holds, but one needs not worry if they are adequately prepared.

To purchase your own copy of RetirementQuest, you can visit Amazon here. To learn more about the author, his book, and the financial services he offers you can visit his website here.


John Hauserman, CFP, is the chief executive officer of Retirement Journey, LLC. He oversees the details of the RetirementQuest planning experience. Baltimore Magazine named John a five-star wealth manager, based on nine criteria, including customer service, integrity, knowledge and expertise, communication, value for fee charged, and overall satisfaction. In 2011, John was named the Baltimore area regional ambassador serving on behalf of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

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