Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: Venom by K.C. Grant

Book Description:

Samantha Evans is determined to make a name for herself in the cutthroat world of advertising. Newly hired by a prestigious ad agency, she volunteers to work on location in Mexico City as a personal assistant to the beautiful and driven creative director Katrina Edwards. At first the association seems promising. But Ms. Edwards seems preoccupied in a way that makes Samantha increasingly uneasy. In fact, many in the group seem like they are not being completely open about the project, including David Ayala, the mysterious and moody photographer for whose attention the two women find themselves competing. After several strange accidents and numerous appearances by an unknown man, Samantha discovers the truth: not everyone on the team is in Mexico to create a stellar advertising pitch. When her sleuthing leads to her abduction, she is brought to the pyramids of Teotihuacan and comes face-to-face with the venomous evil of the South American crime boss known as The Serpent. Now Samantha must not only fight for her life, but she must also discover if she can trust the man she's come to love.

When I first began reading, I wondered how on earth we were going to go from coffee runs, copy-editing and credit card theft to an abduction in Mexico. I didn’t have to wait long. The author quickly and thoroughly establishes Samantha’s background story complete with perfect parents, challenging roommate, and serious romantic shortcomings. But her sense of determination and love for the Hispanic people she once served on her mission give her strength of character that will immediately endear her to readers.

The most beautiful part of Samantha’s struggle is how she learns to couple her ambitious nature with her spiritual side. Fine. Fine. The guys are pretty hot, too. But the things she learns not only help her to grow in strength and understanding, but help her to avoid more than one perilous scrape during her two week adventure.

The rich descriptions match the beauty of the country the author is describing, depicting her vast knowledge of the both the culture and language. I loved how organically she embeds the Spanish language with its perfect translation, working to bury the reader as deeply into the experience as Samantha herself. It was so beautifully done that I could only bear to put the book down twice: once to sleep and once to write this review. That’s not to say that I didn’t re-read the ending multiple times before finally putting it down. I just couldn’t help myself!

To purchase a copy of Venom for yourself you can visit here. And to get to know more about the author, K.C. Grant, be sure to check out her website here.

Kudos to K.C. for a gorgeous book of mystery and romance!!

Happy reading everyone!


  1. Lovely review, Karen, and VENOM sounds like a great read. Thanks for "dairing" us. - Susan

  2. Can't wait to read "Venom." Kim Grant is an amazing author!

  3. Best recommendation is that you couldn't put it down!


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