Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess my Poem

I haven’t written poetry since high school. Don’t know why. Because as I find myself studying it for a class I can’t help but find myself enjoying it once again. Like today.
The object was to take an abstract word and write about it…without giving away the title. I even tried free verse (not my normal style), but alas my heart wanted rhythm and rhyme. So how did I do? Can anyone guess what I wrote about? It’s okay if you don’t…especially if the poem makes you think of something else in your life and gain an appreciation for it.
So without further ado I offer you up my latest assignment:
[??????] by Karen Adair
The floor meets my knees with my hands folded tight, praising God for the day and to have survived through the night.
Warm bodies asleep, and a soft hum in the air, I lift my eyes towards heaven and know that she’s there.
The washer is broke, but it can be fixed. And the dryer still works—a measure of bliss. The children are fighting, but at least they are mine, their voices so sweet the rest of the time.
Cards and flowers, friends so dear; all but one and that’s why they’re here. Music and singing—a peaceful recount—of childhood memories all tuckered out.
They lowered the casket with my mom’s body inside, but I still have my Dad who will stay by my side.
So on bended knee I sing praises above, for her life and mine and the trials of love.
Life, family, faith and time. Time with my mother. Moments divine. Time to grow up and time to live. Time to die and rest from my sins.
I rise for the day and praise God for the night; that without I knew I could not see the light.


  • Valerie Ipson says:
    Gratitude. Tender Mercies. Hope. Any of those?
    • Karen Adair says:
      HURRAH!!! Valerie guessed it. It was your first one Valerie. I was reflecting on gratitude and noticed how often we express it for all our blessings, but then how those blessings are sometimes disguised as trials. As well, that I should express gratitude at the little things the Lord has blessed me with, instead of always dwelling on what I don’t have. A lot of this realization came of course with the death of my mom, so this was a rather difficult word to tackle. :) It was interesting though that Shelli first thought of consolation, because when we have difficult trials, sometimes all we can do is feel a small measure of peace…which inevitably grows to gratitude with love and maturity. :) Thanks for reading it everyone!!!
  • How about “On Bended Knee” or “Love Testimony?”
  • Valerie Ipson says:
    A little light bulb went off when you said in your comment that many of our blessings are disguised as trials. It always bugged me a bit when people would express thanks for their trials, that just seemed to go against the grain for me. But the reality is, like you said, trials bring forth blessings and we are so grateful for them. Thanks for sharing your poem!

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