Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have to versus Want to

I have three literature classes this fall. On top of beginning spanish and my creative writing course. So after the first week of school when one of my teachers went on medical leave I had mixed feelings. One less course meant a little less stress, but it also meant taking the course during another semester.

Fortunately they found a quick replacement for her to continue the class. Unfortunately with the new teacher came a new syllabus. And a new set of books.

I was just beginning to like the old (week old that is) ones, having already begun working my way through them. Not my normal reading either mind you, (which of course is the beauty of taking such classes...teaching you to appreciate books you wouldn't normally pick up) and alas I found myself in a bit of a quandry.

Return all my books we weren't using or keep them and continue reading the one I was currently on and enjoying. It didn't help knowing that my husband used to read such books like Don Quixote and Count of Monte Cristo for FUN growing up. As well, he was a science nerd (his words not mine--and by the way...they make a lot of money when they grow up), so not the usual past time one would expect. But he and I were made from a similar mold there. We developed a love for reading early.

So I had a choice. Keep the book I was enjoying, or return it and borrow a different copy from the library or used book store just to see how it ends (keep in mind some of these books are rather expensive in the first place). I chose to return it. Because of course I had a whole new list of books to purchase.

Of course I did this after I did a mad fast read through it to the end so I could get a sense of closure for the character I was so worried about. I miss not being able to take my time though.

What about you? Would you or have you continue(d) to read a book the teacher assigned and then didn't require you to finish? What kind of book was it? Was it worth it?


  1. I love to buy books. Of course, I get them used and never pay more than $5, including shipping. I would keep the book if 1) I thought I would read it again, and 2) I thought my kids would want to read it. Otherwise, I'd take it back.

  2. I'd probably skim through the book, because once I start I book, I have to know how it ends!


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