Friday, June 8, 2012

Writing with Children: Hint #1

Juggling a passion for writing with a...passionate crowd can be a challenge indeed. But it CAN be done.

Hint #1: Candy.

This is the candy jar that sits on my desk. My desk that is conveniently located right next to the children's computers.  When they are at school my desk is quiet. When they come home we all work together, visit, and snack from Mom's candy jar.

The kids used to complain that I was always at my computer. Now they don't.  Because when Mom's at her desk they can come visit her...and her candy jar.  :)  They love it!  I refill it about every two weeks with a different variety of candy. They always get excited to see what will be next.

As you find creative ways to include your children in your writing adventures, you'll no doubt enjoy the "sweet" rewards of doing so.

Happy Writing...with children. :)

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  1. I love this idea!! I give my primary class candy when they perform a desired task. I'm going to try this with Seth and Noah this summer...


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