Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pay it Forward

Not the movie, although I wholly believe in the incredible power we have to change lives. Especially as writers. I’m talking about the Circle of Friends Award and the From Me to You Award.

And who do I have to thank for my recent “win” (although the real win comes in the privilege in knowing her)?
Shelli Proffitt Howells. Shelli is writer extraordinaire, sounding block, and invaluable friend that I have had the enviable pleasure of knowing. Of course you can get to know her too if you visit her blog A*Musings. She has a wealth of knowledge and encouragement waiting for you, so go check her out!
As the rules go, it is my turn to pass along the two awards to five more bloggers, link back to the giver of the award, and awardees know you’ve given them the award. Shelli, had you not chosen me I would have sent these to you first (although I guess I wouldn’t even have them to give you if you hadn’t chosen me first–which just tells you how awesome she is folks!)
The others I have chosen have likewise been stalwart and supportive in my efforts to join the writing community, and have finally convinced me that I am a writer.
Liz Adair at Liz Sez
Tanya Parker Mills at Fiction that Bridges Cultures
Wendy Jones at The Ear Wax Tastes Like Crayon
Joan Sowards at Haunts Haven
Aprilynne Pike at Apparently!
Thanks again to Shelli and all those who have given me so much help along the way.
P.S. Until I get published hopefully this acknowledgment will suffice.


  • Shelli says:
    You know it is well deserved! Thanks for your kind words; see, that’s why I chose you — you always know just what to say to make me feel good. Now I get to go take a peek at the other blogs you’ve chosen.
  • Thanks for the mention and honor, Karen! You’ve been a real help, as well. Writers need to stick together.

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