Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treasure Tuesday and the Merciful Witch

“You can’t!”

“I must. There is no other way.”

“You could leave. Run away. I won’t follow you, I promise.”

“Promise? But you also promised to destroy me. So which am I to believe?”

“I–I changed my mind. Please. I was wrong to accuse you. Surely you believe in forgiveness. Please have mercy.”

“Hmmmm. Mercy. Such a rare thing these days. Everyone is so concerned for their own well-being; in acquiring more. Rising over one another. It’s despicable. Why can’t we all just live in peace?”

“Peace? You turned my father into stone.”

“Because he called me a witch. Of course I am, so perhaps my actions were a little harsh. But he wasn’t merely referring to my powers. It was my disposition he despised. But you’re right. Mercy is a far better course and I suppose you did not personally do me any harm. Very well. I will not destroy you, but I cannot have you following me either. Therefore I shall simply turn you into an animal. Any animal you wish. You may live in peace and perhaps gain a better appreciation for creatures who are different than yourself.”

“You can’t–”

“Please stop telling me I can’t, when clearly I can. What you mean to say is that you wish me not to, just as I wish your father would have simply allowed me to dwell in peace. Instead he hunted me down and forced me to renounce myself or be destroyed. What is it about being different that is so appalling to other people?”

“They fear what they do not understand.”

“Well said, which is why I am giving you a second chance. Now choose.”

“Any animal you say? Then I choose a horse, so I can carry you away and be your friend. For truly you are lonely and have not been treated well.”

“My! What a delightful creature you truly are. Perhaps there is some good in you yet. Come. Carry me away. And perhaps in time, you will heal my lonely heart and convince me to set you free.”


I hope you enjoyed this latest installment, where I experimented in story telling using nothing but dialogue. :) And a little moral thrown in for good measure.

Next week’s prompt: You wake up in the middle of the night to a strange smell and feel compelled to seek it out.

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