Friday, April 1, 2011

A's are for School. What?

Yes. That's correct. Or at least A's are what I strive to get in school. (see, I know what I'm talking about) And wholly appropriate seeing as how both are what have kept me from blogging the last little while.

But now I'm back. And no, I'm not done with school. I just realized that I wasn't getting an A in blogging and decided to fix it.

I love the joy I get after hours of hard work pay off and I'm rewarded with the highest grade. It's so validating! And a relief. And yet, there are other things in my life that don't give me a grade.

Such as getting an "A" in motherhood! How does that work? Haven't I already earned that just in the nine months worth of "labor" it took to get them here?  Or perhaps it comes from all the late night talks, helping with homework and maybe a walk or two together in the park.

Maybe it's best that they don't pass out grades, because I'm pretty sure some days I would deserve an F.  For losing my cool and occasionally my car keys, or lecturing too long when I think that I'm helping. Yes, motherhood is one of the hardest things to be graded on, and it doesn't help that it's done on a curve. You know what I mean. How many children wish their mothers were like someone else's?  "Susie's mom bakes home made cookies, and Charlotte's mom buys her whatever she wants!"

Sorry. Sometimes I can be like Susie's mom and I'll leave it to the economy to thank Charlotte's, because personally I don't think she's doing her daughter any favors. But that being said, I SO love being a Mom. And I love the fact that my kids love me being a writer. And a student. And their chauffeur, nurse, banker, chef, tissue, heating pad, jungle gym, chair...and friend.  Yes, my children are my best friends, right along with my husband.

And that makes us an A+ family in my book.

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  1. I'd give you an A for being a friend, too. And I'm so glad they don't give out grades for motherhood. Who would judge, I wonder. Nobody really sees everything a mom puts into her job.


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