Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Letters

Yes. Letters. Although after yesterday's post you were probably expecting something more like lips. Of course I could mention both.  You know, like how we used to write those innocent love notes, lick and seal them in the envelope and then put the big lipstick covered kiss on the back.

You never did that?  Well I did. It was fun. It was intimate.  Unlike some of the more modern day exchanges. I mean I love emails. I do. And Facebook rocks! I mean think of all those people I've lost touch with over the years. Found you!  But somehow posting on my husband's wall just doesn't feel the same. Or my sister's. Or my children's.

In fact, I remember the days when I used to put I love you notes into my children's lunch boxes on the first day of school. Or when they were having a difficult week.  Now I send them a hug on Facebook. Or text them a "How are you?"  Granted we still have this fun thing where they write to me in a journal (just for us) and tell me all sorts of things they're worried or thinking about; then I write back.  With so many kids it gives us a chance to talk to one another without being interrupted.

But now I realize that it's also preserving a lost art of hand-written notes and personal messages.

My mom and Grandma were big on notes. And letters. Their individual handwriting was unique to them. Almost as unique as the things they would say and share.  It was an art form in and of itself. A dying art that I never prescribed to by the way. My handwriting stunk, so I wrote very few letters.  That and I could never find a stupid stamp.

The internet has made it so much faster and convenient for me to stay in touch with people. And with proper care I think it can be just as personal. Still...nothing gets my heart beating like a hand written note. Especially from those I love. There's just something so warm and friendly about it all. The time they took to write it out, spell check it while they did so, and then find a stamp to actually send it to me. Precious.

Of course I'll take a letter in any form...but nothing will ever beat the smell of paper, perfume and love that transcends the distance using a hand written letter.

What about you? What memories do you have of hand written letters? Do you still enjoy getting them or prefer the modern conveniences just as much?

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  1. Love a handwritten letter, and I'm happy to say, many of my yr7 students write letters to friends, so it's making a comeback!
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