Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Octopus

Mom. Wife. Student. Friend. Teacher. Warden. Cook. Chauffeur. Therapist. Nurse. Surgeon. Seamstress. Hairstylist. Sanitation Worker. Gardener. Writer?

Ever feel like you need more hands?  Yeah, me too.  I'm seriously considering life as an Octopus.

But until I make that impossibility happen, I do this little thing called balancing my time. Otherwise known as...


So why didn't you put that word at the top? Because Octopus is a much cooler word, and a whole lot easier to wish for than say...being organized!!!

It's a beautiful word, but sometimes a little tricky to carry out.  It requires thinking (gasp!) and planning (what's that?) and sometimes a little help from various little octopi (you know who you are).

My best method for getting organized is in making lists. At the start of each day I make a list of things I want to accomplish by the end of it. Small things, big things, things that I want to get done and things that I NEED to get done.  And they don't necessarily have to be in order.  Just put down in front of me so I can be actively thinking about them and working on them.  Sometimes that act alone is enough to get me moving and keep me focused.

And it is worth it, because you see I do enjoy doing things like writing and watching 3-D movies on our new TV.  But I can't justify doing those things until some other things get done. Like laundry. (I swear the washing machine ATE your socks, kids!!)

What do you do to get/stay organized?  Any tips or secrets for budgeting your time? Do you have a specific writing time, or do you have to squeeze it in like a typical octopus? :)


  1. I love lists !
    There is little more satisfying than looking at a list with everything crossed out !


  2. Make sure you budget some quiet doing nothing time, too. It's very energizing.

  3. I am a self proclaimed list queen! And I also like to shoe horn in little tasks I can get done in a few minutes in between doing something else--like watching t.v. AND folding laundry...:) Or sweeping the kitchen while waiting for the kids to get their shoes get the idea. I love your topic today!!


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