Monday, April 25, 2011

S-T-U-pendous Websites

These next three letters are brought to you courtesy of one very grateful writer. :)

Enjoy this fabulous list of sites I visit and discover for yourselves why they deserve to be loved!!!

Agent Kristin--Pub Rants Because she knows everything about publishing. Seriously.  Someday I want her to know who I am. :)
Aprilynne Pike--Apparently!  Young Adult Author and fabulous contest provider. :)
Dear Teen Me-- Because, like them, there are things I wish I knew when I was a teen.
Debbie--Cranberry fries  Cause fries. Yes, I love Debbie, too. :)
Dierdra Eden Coppel--A Storybook World  Gorgeous Artist and Fantasy Phenom!
Elena Johnson-- Young Adult Author and Master of the Query! *bows in awe*
Jody Hedlund-- Amazing author and speaker with words of wisdom MWF! And on facebook...and twitter...and email... So much encouragement! I can't get enough!
Kiersten Writes--  YA rocks and so does she. Just sayin'.
Kristin Baker Przybyla--Fairies and Pirates, etc.  Because how can you just not love everything about that name!!!
Laura Pauling--Exercising the Right to Ramble  The name says it all! So do her invaluable email updates!
Rachelle Gardner--Rants and Ramblings  Because agent info is soooo crucial...and fun!
Roni Loren--Fiction Groupie --Romance Writer and facilitator of my first Editor's critque!!

Sarah M. Eden--Historical Romance Author  INFF Guru!!
Shelli Proffitt Howells--A*Musings  Fiction Friday, Crit Group, and owner of the Toolbox extraordinaire! I could fill a blog post on Shelli alone.
Tana Adams--White Platonic Dreams   Just trust me. :)
WriteOnCon  If I have to explain this one...

And the list goes on!!

What others would you add to my list? Who do you follow that makes a difference for you?


  1. What a wonderful list. I too am a fan of Kiersten, Laura, and Elana.

  2. Still adding to my list. :) Nice bumping into you on this blogfest.

  3. Squee! I made the list! Thank you for letting me rub elbows with my betters. Great list, and I follow all of them, too!

    Good luck with finals -- I know you'll do great!


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