Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Fellow Dreamers

You know who you are. And a lot of you make yourself known by blogging, emailing, and through the little conglomerate of boxes on the right side bar.  [waves to everyone looking back at me]  And there are even those following me quietly through subscription and peeking into my ramblings to see what I'm up to each week.  And support me in my writing endeavors.

Thank you. Thank you all!

Because even though goals and dreams are exciting and fun, they're also hard and sometimes a little challenging to reach.  You are the ones giving me a boost over the wall as I try and reach the top. And yet what's great is there are those of us that don't wait to reach the top before giving others a boost.

Like in rock climbing. Where there's people on top and there are people below, with both groups shouting encouragement and lending a physical hand. The ones on top help provide the path and show you the way--helping you out, while also proving that you can reach your goal.  The ones below--the ones who haven't even started yet--are holding the rope and pulling you up.

Pulling you up? Yup. Isn't that strange? That in rock climbing the one below you pulls the rope and keeps you from falling.  Just in case you lose your footing. Friends, fans, fellow writers are the life force of any good writer. We need each other.

So today, I say thank you for all that you are to me. All you give to me. The courage to keep going, and helping me feel the thrill of the climb.

What about you? Any one in particular who has helped you along? Who holds the rope for you? Who's paved the way?

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  1. Lovely analogy! Here's to the wonderful people I've met in this endeavor.


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