Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Children

And I have A LOT. And I love them all! I always wanted a big family. And not just because I came from one and enjoyed the experience. :)

My children are my greatest inspiration. My joy. My life. My alarm clock...

They are the reason that I write, and they fill my books with fodder. All their jokes, one-liners, teasing, fears, joys...they are the reason that I write. But they are also the things my kids feed to me and keep my topics current. Which helps because I totally write YA (surprise surprise).

I remember what it was like to be a kid. How hard everything was and how little adults understood and respected us...I mean them...I mean...I guess I still have a tender spot when it comes to kids. Probably due to the fact that I never grew up. So to speak.  I think teenagers totally rock. Always will. Because with everything they're entrusted with and expected to do, I think they deserve a little more respect. Even the trouble makers? Yes, it is my firm belief that respect itself breeds more respect. 

At least that's why the kids in band love me (according to my daughter). Because I don't talk down to them or treat them like lower class citizens.  Of course that doesn't mean I put up with their garbage, but I expect the best from adults as well. No double standards in this household, baby.  But it also means I know how to play with them and remember what it feels like to be young (even though I've got a few years on them). Soul Caliber? Bring it on. Button mashing to the ultimate extreme! Singing out loud and totally off key? Well, actually I can sing very well...but do so very loudly, so yeah.

Remember what it was like to have the whole world at your finger tips? To shoot for any dream and have it be okay, because there was so much time and so much to learn?

I think some adults have a hard time with kids because they are jealous. The adults. Not the kids.  We want to be like them. To start our life over and have a second chance at our dreams;sometimes projecting our fears and destroying those of our children. By trying to live vicariously through them in the name of keeping them from making the same mistakes we did.  Well, guess what folks.  They'll make them anyway.  You did. You lived for your freedom and the right to choose wrong.

I know it's hard when they fail and when they push back hard, but the best success I have seen is when you lead a child. Love a child. Not by forcing a child and thus losing their respect. If you lead by love it'll be a much softer ride. How do I know this?  I have children. As well, I have lots of brothers. And a sister. And in my youth my brothers pushed back a time or two. Or three or four.... And the thing they said that brought them back and kept them from making even more mistakes?


That my parents loved them in spite of it all. And showed them. They felt like they were able to come back...without retribution. Or without it being held over their head. Forever.

So I write for children. Because of course I'm jealous of all the things I wasn't brave enough to do. And that my kids do daily...and DARE me to do. Like go back to school when I'm so much older. And write a book.

So here's to my children. I love you all so much!!!


  1. You kids are very lucky ... To have you as a parent. You are " building" good citizens, balanced adults for the future. Our world needs more of those. Thank you.

  2. My daughter who isn't even a teen yet but close can't stand when adults patronize her. But if you treat her with respect, she'll be your bestfriend!

  3. I love my kids! Children are a great inspiration in so many ways. My hubs and I were just reminiscing about our favorite church callings -- nursery and primary. Great reminder to never lose that youthfulness.


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