Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nook, Kindle, Kobo...SPOCK

Reading apps sometimes feels like Rock, Paper, Scissors to me.

Thankfully I have a spock--I mean, iPad.  For those who don't subscribe to Apple products I hope you'll indulge me for just a minute. :)

I am sooo grateful for my iPad. Why?  The reasons are too numerous and it actually fought for a position on the letter "I" day, but Ben Wolverton's needs won out.  Sorry, Apple....

But honestly, it makes my head spin a little to see all the different reading options and hear people complain about how they want this book or this book available in this version or this version because their device doesn't support the others. I get it. I do. Nook is Barnes and Noble, Kindle is Amazon, Kobo is....*excuse me while I go look it up.*  Uh....looks like it's an independent looking to make its place in the market.  I have no idea how it's doing, but the fact it's still around says something I guess.  :)
And yes, I'm aware that the computer can handle them all, but people aren't tied to their computers these days. They're on the move. They want their books to-go! I'll take a Jane Austen with a side of Sarah M. Eden if you please. Thanks!

I love my iPad because it handles them all.  It's the Spock of rock, paper, scissors. Yes, it's a little more pricey than a Nook or Kindle but it also handles ALL my various email accounts...in one spot. And I can watch videos. And I can chat with people. And Skype. And, and, and...yeah, the list goes on.

Of course I can see why each major book supplier is going to offer and tout their own reading media, but in doing so they run the risk of excluding others. I hear the complaints so I know the problem exists.  As a reader I'm lucky enough not to have to worry about it...yet. But as an aspiring writer my works will need to conform. The reader will have needs. Will I be able to meet them?

What is your opinion on the different reading devices? Too many options? Not enough? 


  1. I, too, like my iPad, and I have the Kindle and Nook readers on it, along with iBooks (my favorite). It is cool that you can download and read a variety of book formats--though as I understand it, there are restrictions. Some Kindle picture books are Kindle exclusive. And I think you have to own a Kindle to take advantage of Amazon's ebook lending library. None of these restrictions have hindered me yet, though.

    As a writer, I'm all for variety. As long as my work is read by people, I don't care if it's on paper, on a Nook, a Kindle, an iPad, a SmartPhone, or some other yet-to-be invented format. :)

  2. I vote for the Kindle. Amazon always has and always will do it best. Very glad that Ipad is Kindle compatible!

  3. My husband and daughter love their iPads, and while I'll probably get one some day, I still love my kindle because it isn't backlit, so it feels like reading a real book.

  4. I read on my Kindle Fire and wouldn't want it any other way. I have issues with apple products so I doubt I'd ever own an iPad but I'm also not an idiot and realize the iPad is probably the best out there, and also the most expensive. I have no issues with trying to find anything on Amazon so I have no need to try to change.


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