Friday, April 26, 2013

Underestimating our Value and Worth

We are our worst critics.

You've no doubt heard this phrase before. Along with:

  • There's nothing to fear but fear itself.
  • You've only failed once you've stopped trying.
  • Doubt has killed more dreams than actual rejection.
There are so many out there. Proof that we can be our worst enemies when it comes to fulfilling our dreams. It isn't the agent who rejected us, but the fact that we only sent out 1000 queries. What about the 1001th?!  That could have been the one!

I've already talked about the fear of rejection here this month. Underestimating ourselves goes much deeper though. Not valuing what our story is worth, the lives it can change, or simply the good laugh it can be. Underestimating ourselves will cut us off from our dreams more effectively than any agent, publisher or well-meaning friend.

I let someone scare me into studying something else right out of high school. I didn't think my writing was worth enough to support myself with. Money is such an evil word. As though that's the only reason that people write. As though only things of value have a price tag on them. As if.

Write your story. Share it with others. Don't let anyone tell you that your time is misspent.  Don't believe me? Here's a little motivation. :)


  1. I LURVE your motivational picture. He is all kinds of awesome. And I am VERY guilty of being my own worst enemy and critic when it comes to my work. Great post!

  2. I hear you on the writing thing. Since elementary school, I wanted to be a writer, but I had people tell me to get a day job, so I gave up the dream of writing. Now, I've finally rediscovered it, and I couldn't be happier!


  3. Love that picture! There's an act of affirmation. You're absolutely right about making a commitment and believing in yourself -- even to the 1,001th submission. I've always balanced writing with working, but subbing my writing? That takes raw courage. Can't wait to see what you post for "X".


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