Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Social Media and Sushi

Not long ago my husband took me to a sushi grill.  It's one of the many ways he says, "I love you!" Honestly, any dinner I don't have to cook is an "I love you," but sushi has an exclamation mark attached to it.  Just sayin'.

So this one night we're seated at the grill next to a man and two children. They're busying themselves on their phones and iPads. A standard thing when you're killing time.

And then the chef came out. And the electronics...stayed on. While this fellow flipped and sizzled and entertained all of us, the three to our left were entertaining themselves.  I was a little aghast. Who goes to a sushi grill and ignores the show?  Apparently these three.

What the chef did next had my husband and I laughing the rest of the night. He slapped his spatula down to get their attention and then said, "You like your toys more than my show?" Mortified, the girls turned off their devices. The man resisted a little longer, probably out of spite.

I nudged my husband under the table and we shared a smile, proud of the chef for calling them out.  They were being rude, in our opinion. Sushi grills are for socializing. And these guys were missing out on the very best kind.  Life has so much to offer than just what people tweet or blog. Experiencing things for yourself will IMPACT you differently.

With all the wonderful things we can share with one another, don't live vicariously through someone else. That will leave you little satisfaction in the end. Live...and then live to tweet another day.

Do you have trouble putting your electronics down? What's the number one reason you check social media?


  1. When my wife and I sit down in a restaurant, we tend to get on our phones for a few minutes and then set them aside for dinner. We may pick them up occasionally but for the most part, they just sit there until we are done.

    I hate it when people won't get off their phones when the waitress comes up or when they are checking out somewhere. That is beyond rude, as were the 3 you mentioned above.

  2. This is a disease we have created for ourselves I'm afraid, and the young have been bought up on it here in the UK.

    Mind you, some parents still try and prevent their children from becoming too absorbed, but it is definitely the normal...unfortunately.

  3. I've never been to a sushi grill, but if I were there, I would be watching the chef at work! I like to have my phone with me, but I only play with it if nothing else is happening.


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