Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Facebook, Friends and Fan Pages

Facebook...that all inclusive not so exclusive venue where people can stalk, talk, and balk at anything.

I remember when it was still a new "thing." It was inhabited by professionals only, college students looking to break into a new career and make contacts. Then MySpace made some mistakes and the teens came rushing over in mass. Adults, too for that matter. Why?

Because we like to have things within our control. We like settings and privacy and's that working out for everyone these days? But you have to admit that Facebook is a lot more secure than it used to be. Still, I've heard a lot of concerns (especially from authors) on the lack of privacy that persists. But you say 'Why are they complaining? Don't they want all the attention? What's wrong with being stalked??? (cue sarcastic voice--I've been practicing it for years)

The issue becomes one of personal matters being made public versus those things that would be natural for the general public to know, SHOULD know.

The creation of Facebook's FAN PAGE was a welcome venue for artists to have a following and connect with those who were interested in their work or themselves personally. It was perfect. No limit as to how many friends (which was later enacted by Facebook policies for Profiles), and you could be whoever you wanted to be--Pseudonyms included. It was perfect. Then there were pages for businesses, pages for groups, pages for EVERYTHING.

What beauty! What perfection! What a...what is this timeline thing? Wait a minute...

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes, but not to fear, a lot of good has come out of those changes. The new look has professionals looking even more like professionals, with timelines that resemble an actual webpage or blog. With all the new features it's become a true forum for those who want to connect with their audience.

I have a new "page" though it has few followers so far. I'm just not one to beg (hint--that was a subtle plea to click on the link to the right and like me--wink wink). I can post, update, and link to twitter through my fan page and I love it!!! I'm excited to have more people to interact with on my author page, so that it can become a true venue to discuss what I love.


So how about you? What features do you love best about Facebook? Ideas that you have for improvement but the restraining order Mark Zuckerman has against you prevents them from being implemented?


  1. I just recently switched my profile to the Timeline profile, and I do like it. It is cleaner and looks better.

  2. Very nice post. Greetings from a fellow a to Z'er.

  3. Oh yes, Kayla. For all my snark I really do like the new timeline. Very organized! Love having a banner, too. Fun. Fun.

    Thanks, Heather. And Greetings!!

  4. I haven't done anything with the Timeline. Perhaps I should. I was an avid Facebookee when I first began, then blogging took over . . .

    p.s: I'll 'like' you:-)

  5. Hurrah! Someone likes me!! :) So good to have friends. Thanks jabblog!


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