Sunday, April 29, 2012

W is for...

Where'd she go????

Sorry. Really. I...uh...was...uh....*drops head* here...but with a lousy excuse. I ran out of ideas.


For the letters! Not for my writing. Okay, fine...

W is for WRITING!  In fact I've been doing a ton of it this last week. As in, turning the infamous thesis into the Dean. *dundundun* and finishing a short story for my creative writing class.  I'm really proud of it, too.  It was fun to write. I had a grand time strolling down memory lane. Or was I running down it as fast as I could skipping past all the ugly parts and only stopping to smell the ones I enjoyed?

What are earth are you talking about, Karen?

I'm talking about my class on non realism and memoir writing. You see, I am an avid journal writer, but I'd never tried writing a memoir (or rather, a story within). My usual brand is contemporary YA. But I guess the two are somewhat connected considering I love writing about life and all its many challenges...and joys. Yes, joys.

My writing has to have lots of humor in it, otherwise...ho's just a little too heavy for me. Real life has lots of bright beautiful moments, and where the challenge becomes one of trying to bring them out--both in real life and in writing.

I love writing. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it makes my daughter cry to read something I've written, that COULD of happened, but really didn't. I love how my friends want to meet my characters in real life, but even though they FEEL real, they're not. Not really. But "shhhhhh," don't tell that to them. They may get their feelings hurt.

And I need them to stick around for the rest of the series.  :)

Happy Writing everyone!'s XYZ and the end of the road!

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