Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for...


Is that a word? Spell checker seems to think so. I know, it's not a very nice word though, so maybe it ought to be banned. But it's true nonetheless.  Sometimes I am underwhelmed by something.  Usually it's not a problem, but sometimes it happens with books.


I know. I know. The shunning may now begin.

But I CAN'T be alone in this, can I?  Haven't you ever been so hyped up over a new book or author and then been severely...eh'd?  That's a word too, right?  It means that the book left you feeling a little disappointed. Okay...majorly bummed. You spent good time and money on a story that sounded so great and then...yeah.

Maybe the narrative wasn't quite your style, or the plot didn't quite pull together like you wanted (or at all in some that I've read). Or maybe the book in question just had the misfortune to follow one by your favorite author.  But what if the book WAS from one of your favorite authors?  What do you do then?   Do you give up on them? Keep quiet and hope that your book was some horrible misprint that was actually a good book once but got intercepted by aliens out to destroy humanity's faith in literature?

What? It could happen.  Or do you go on Goodreads and flame them?  Please don't, btw. I was joking. Seriously.

I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to books. I guess I can see the author at work behind every word. I know how hard it must have been to write what they did. Even if I didn't like the order that they put some of the words in.

What about you? How do you handle disappointing reads? And why?


  1. I like to dive right in to a new book in the hope that it'll be better. Or get someone else to read the disappointing book to see if it was just me being picky.

  2. I think I'm also pretty forgiving when it comes to books. Once upon a time, I would never give up on a book, but now I will do as there are so many awesome ones out there. I was very late getting into Harry Potter because I wanted them to be as good as people were saying :)


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