Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today is my oldest son's birthday! Happy Birthday, Son! *throws confetti* And what a gift he was. Still is. We sent him presents for his birthday today, seeing as how he's away at college. Crud, did I just give away my age? Um....yeah, he's like a 10 year old prodigy...yeah...yeah. *not*

But he is brilliant (quick proud Mom moment--please indulge me). He has many gifts that aren't wrapped up in packaging and topped with bows. They're pretty visible. Like the robots he's built. And the music he's composed. We've gotten a lot of joy out of his creations over the years. Especially this last year alone. Watching him come into his own has been a real treat. Makes us feel like we've done something right as parents.

Gifts and talents are awesome that way. They not only benefit the possessor, but those who know them. Like with writers: those talented and hardworking individuals who have shared their sweat and tears and experiences through writing, so that I could unwrap that cover and receive a wonderful surprise.

Each book I read, regardless of my peeking at the end (aka the last Harry Potter--yup, I'm one of those) is full of surprises. The plot twists and turns thrill and delight me. A really good story will pull me back in a second time. Right away.

I've had many books that have changed my life. They probably didn't even mean to. They're just brilliant that way. That's the beauty of writing; even something meant for pure entertainment. I always get something out it. Treat your best friend better. Treat your mother better. Treat yourself to frozen yogurt at least once a month...uh...that might have been my own mental intrusion. No matter. I win in the end regardless.

And some of the gifted writers that I've read this past year are:

Thomas Hardy
Shannon Hale
Beth Revis
Elana Johnson
Rachel Nunes
Sarah M. Eden
Brandon Mull
Suzanne Collins
Ilsa J. Bick
Robert Jordan
Ally Carter
Aprilynne Pike
Marissa Meyer
Veronica Roth

and the list goes on.

I hope one day to add my name to the list of them.

Meantime, who else would you add to my list of gifted writers? Anyone I might have missed that I really shouldn't?? :)


  1. happy Birthday your son :)

    Gifted writer? Oooh so many, Carlos Ruiz Zafon being one. I'm sure your name will make that list some day.

  2. I'd add Marion Zimmer Bradley (the Darkover series), Mercedes Lackey, and Terry Goodkind (The Sword of Truth novels...though maybe not ALL of them...)

    Nice to meet you through the A to Z challenge :)

  3. It's great that you name your son as your greatest gift. Long may your relationship last.

  4. Stopping by from A-Z. I'm about to start Mockingjay, have also loved the series so far and can't wait to see the movie soon! Divergent was outstanding and I'm so excited for Insurgent!

  5. You already have some of my favorites, but I'd add Jane Austen, EB White, PG Wodehouse, Grace Lin, and Andrew Clements. And lots of others, but those are just ones I've read and loved lately.

  6. I read some of those same authors last year. :) I hope that you have a wonderful week!


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