Tuesday, April 17, 2012


N is for No post yesterday because I was preparing for my Thesis defense. And yes, I passed. :)  Hurrah!!!

O is for a salute to the beautiful English language. How adding a simple letter before a vowel lets you formulate so many rhymes. I don't know why I chose O. It just sort of came up on the drive with my husband and daughter today. 

Moth. Cloth. Roth. Sloth. Broth. Both--



Wait! Wait!

Brothel. Okay, that's better.  Uh...wait--

Brother. Smother-- okay I take back what I said about O. It doesn't always play nice; pretending to be so many other vowels. Maybe we should be done now--

Doth. Wroth. Scoff. Snot. 

Okay, now we're done.

Have a great day....

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