Monday, April 30, 2012

XYZ is for...

Examine Your Zipper.

"Hey! Off my blog kids."

Sorry. That would be my daughter speaking to the last three letters, but her words ring rather profound when you think about it.  How many of us take a close look at our writing and see past the embarrassing parts in order to move on?

I remember when I first started writing again, refusing to let my husband read what I wrote. It took two years for me to show him anything, and my writing grew a lot during that time. But not because I suddenly got better or didn't show it to anyone--sparing myself the embarrassment--because I DID show it to people.

And you know that first fear of realizing your zipper is open? Yeah...that was me.

My sister was first to offer me warm encouragement and well constructed advice so that I could improve my writing without losing hope. Others attempted to give me similar help, but they didn't know me as well as she did and their "help" sometimes hurt.  That help though has resulted my growing a tougher skin, a stronger backbone.

I don't care if my zipper is caught open anymore. I just look at it and go, "Huh. So it is." *ziiiiiiiip*

Not that I don't take certain precautions, like studying style and grammar and reading LOTS and lots. I try and learn from others' "style" of clothing and find what suits me best. And after years of hard work I'm pleased to tell you I have a very nice wardrobe.

I hope to show it off to y'all someday soon. :) And my thanks to all the fashionistas who came before me, all the designers who have taken risks, and you my friends who have given me honest feedback and have kept me from wearing pink with green...or walking around with my zipper open.

Happy A to Z challenge and...

Have a great day!


  1. It's hard to expose yourself - in any sense;-) Well done:-) (and thank goodness April is over - not the month, the challenge!)

  2. Sooooooo true. Gosh, it's scary... putting yourself out there. And although it gets easier with time, I still freak out whenever someone has my work. But there's no replacement for the growth that can happen by taking that leap. It's amazing what another pair of eyes can do for your writing. Great post!

  3. I found your blog from the A to Z challenge. You are so right at how scary it is to show writing to other people! I was similarly scared but it's a necessary step. You have to develop thick skin for when your work eventually gets out to the masses and not everyone will be as kind as your family (sad but true). Also helpful to keep in mind (and I'm reminding myself) first drafts are frequently terrible, so don't feel bad keeping those to yourself until you've had the chance to tweak and revise a bit!

    Best wishes with your writing.

  4. Stopping back by to re-visit some of the blogs I enjoyed visiting in April -- glad I did. This post speaks to me. Yes, need some "tough skin" but the real thing is being able to hear the critique and say "thanks" while unselfconsciously zipping up that zipper. I'm not fully there yet, but I like the idea. Maybe this metaphor will help.


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